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(External) Amplify: Women's Pitch

31 Mar 2021
11:00am - 12:30pm PDT

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About this Event


This Amplify Live Pitch will focus on entrepreneurial women from across the globe.


This pitch series has been built out of lessons learned from 100 pitch events held live and on Zoom since 2016. Our goal for Amplify is to provide enhanced visibility for pitching startups from across the globe.


What to expect:

  • Five startups that are either ready to launch or have recently launched will join us on the livestream stage.
  • They will have 3 minutes to pitch their startup and gain valuable feedback on their pitch structure and delivery from Volition’s pitch coaches.
  • As with our other pitch events, you can expect high-quality pitch tips and engagement--as the audience, we welcome you to share your thoughts and questions for the pitchers and pitch coaches.



LENGTH: 90 minutes..


Interested in Pitching? Pitch spots for this event is for companies that are...

  • Majority women-owned and/or a majority of the executive team is made up of women.
  • Ready to launch or have recently launched
  • Building an investor or competition pitch (or similar)
  • Looking for brand awareness and amplification

Pitch applications will be accepted until 10PM PST March 17th:



Who's on the panel?

  • Melanie Ewan: Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Volition (host)
  • TBA



Words from past attendees:


"Thanks for hosting a really great event today in Amsterdam! I've attended many many pitch events and I thought today's was in its own class as far as comfortable environment and constructive feedback for the pitchers." - Kelly Adam

“I really enjoyed the event and found it incredibly useful. I was actually pitching for my non profit again [the next weekend] and won an award which includes a cash prize for the organisation, and I think the feedback I got from the Volition event was really instrumental in helping me improve my pitch for that. So thank you!!” - Women’s Pitch Night Amsterdam runner-up

"I‘m really thankful to have had the opportunity to pitch at Volition Pitch Nights because that really changed the course of my pitching career. I never thought I would be so comfortable pitching. I definitely recommend the pitch nights to every entrepreneur!" - Andrei Matei, Founfer of Robbox

31 Mar 2021
11:00am - 12:30pm PDT

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