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VANTEC Start Up Visa (SUV) Pitch Perfect Previews

03 Feb 2022
9:00am - 10:00am PST

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03 Feb 2022
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03 Feb 2022
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The VANTEC SUV Pitch Perfect Review Process aims to ensure that the investor's activities and those of the SUV applicant are aligned with industry standards and IRCC Standards.  More information HERE

To participate in this program, please complete the Gust application and email with the name of your company.


Networking 9:00am


Community Announcements 9:15am


SUV 90-second Previews 9:20am


Instantprofi Technology Inc. | Software  | Gust | InstantProfi is an emergency-type staffing digital platform that instantly finds work for skilled professionals and solves workplace understaffing issues.

Innovin International Corp. | Business Services  | Gust | Highly configurable Digital Platform for insurance operations that supports utilizing new data, analytics sources and is adaptable to various business models.

Meet-The-Need Instant Solutions Inc. | Consumer Services  | Gust | The service marketplace digital platform instantly finds gig workers/independent tradesmen for those who want endless everyday problems solved.

Gloschain Market Alternatives Corp. | Business Services  | Gust | GLOSCHAIN is an all-encompassing digital platform that combines all the essentials of Global Supply Chain and Procurement Alternatives processes in one place.

Cognifun Care App Inc. | Lifestyle  | Gust | Cognifun mobile app is specifically designed for older adults to help them stay physically and mentally active while improving their connectivity to the world.

Walliro | Financial Services  | Gust | WALLIRO is a best-in-class decentralized, scalable, flexible, multi signature and Defi Integrated platform to manage digital assets.

Evemail Electronic Communications Inc | Internet / Web Services  | Gust | EveMail is a convenient email plugin that automatically writes emails, schedules appointments, and creates visually appealing templates.

Sportal Bookings Inc | Business Services  | Gust | Sportal is a B2C (business to customer) platform that will allow customers to easily find and book sports facilities.

Nino Games Ltd. | Gaming  | Gust | Helping children develop healthy habits to care for teeth with gamification.

Web Teamwork Inc | Internet / Web Services  | Gust | Project is an online platform that connects those who seek training to those who have specific skills and expertise and willingness to share it with others.

Alborz Nanomed Tech | Nanotechnology  | Gust | Making Nano supplements


Networking until 10:00am

03 Feb 2022
9:00am - 10:00am PST

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