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VANTEC Start Up Visa (SUV) Pitch Perfect Previews

09 Sep 2021
9:00am - 10:00am PDT

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09 Sep 2021
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The VANTEC SUV Pitch Perfect Review Process aims to ensure that the investor's activities and those of the SUV applicant are aligned with industry standards and IRCC Standards.  More information HERE

To participate in this program, please complete the Gust application and email with the name of your company.


Networking 9:00am


Community Announcements 9:15am


SUV 90-second Previews 9:20am


OPR Maternity Care Inc. | Lifestyle  | Gust | Our OPR mobile app helps new mothers by guiding them through the challenging postpartum period, helping to improve their health and save babies' lives.

Pop-Up Retail Solutions Corp. | Business Services  | Gust | Pop-Up Retail offers a revolutionary all-inclusive Web App that primarily connects retailers and shopping centers and helps launch pop-up stores.

Reikify Wellness Solutions Corp. | Lifestyle  | Gust | An innovative Mobile App that is introducing an alternative therapy of Reiki in the form of distant healing.

Coffitels Workplace Evolution Corp. | Business Services  | Gust | COFFITELS presents the digital platform for the hospitality industry to address the occupancy crisis, optimize the space, connect hotels with potential tenants.

S.M.E.L.L. Directory Services Inc. | Food and Beverage  | Gust | An innovative Mobile App for the food and beverage industry where the abbreviation «S.M.E.L.L.» stands for Social Media Edible Locations Listing.

Cognowatch | Software  | Gust | CognoWatch transforms Your Existing CCTV camera to a Cognitive IoT Sensor. We provide, Smart City, Smart Forensics, Smart EHS, Big Data Analytics

Innopay | Financial Services  | Gust | A digital platform to revolutionize the remittance market of MENA. An easy, transparent and fast way for users to transfer all currencies to their destinations.

Concordant Networks Inc | IT Services  | Gust | Concordant Networks Inc. is a Managed IT Solutions Provider that innovates the IT Solutions landscape.

Ankris Remote Vehicles Inc. | Electronics / Instrumentation  | Gust | Ankris Remote Vehicles Inc. is a marine engineering company that specializes in AUVs that can conduct long, deepwater missions with adaptable payloads.

Verreaux | Construction  | Gust | A new generation of brick facades using a novel geometric design to allow architects to easily design different models and demonstrate their creativity

Hyrizer | Construction  | Gust | Real estate development tracking solution

Xray Fitness Technologies Inc. | Lifestyle  | Gust | Xray Fitness is an exercise platform that empowers fitness instructors to provide virtual real-time correction to their customers as they would in person.

Onronk Artificial Intelligence Inc. | Other  | Gust | Onronk Artificial Intelligence Inc. is a hiring platform that uses AI to offer an efficient and effective alternative to orthodox job recruitment.




Networking until 10:00am





09 Sep 2021
9:00am - 10:00am PDT

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