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(External) Volition Pitch Mastermind

20 Jan 2021
12:00pm - 1:30pm PST

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In September 2020 we launched our Pitch Mastermind pilot, testing an idea that we had for a private pitch feedback event. Based on the incredible response we received, we decided to open applications to startups around the globe looking to get strategic feedback on their pitch & build their confidence so they are pitch ready! We hosted our first Pitch Mastermind in December and we're excited to continue this into 2021!

This event is open to up to three pitching companies who will have the opportunity to practice their pitch and receive peer Q&A + expert guidance from two Volition pitch coaches, who will help you build your story and advise on how you can best convey that with your pitch.


Note: Tickets for this event are for pitching companies only (no audience for this one!)



Register via Eventbrite and complete the accompanying survey.



At Volition, we support entrepreneurs from across Canada and beyond by providing space for conversations, connections, and practical skill-building.

Paul Brassard - Paul is an almost 20 year veteran of entrepreneurship, and has immense experience in business development, fundraising, and marketing strategy, and is a master pitch and presentation coach. With a love for teaching, a passion for knowledge-sharing, and a desire to help others grow and succeed, Paul loves working with entrepreneurs, inspired and motivated by their enthusiasm and innovation.

Melanie Ewan - Fueled by her own nonlinear path to entrepreneurship, Melanie is a huge proponent of defining and owning your voice, vision, and narrative as an entrepreneur and leader. As such, she centres her coaching on storytelling, public speaking, and pitch delivery.



12:00 PST | Introductions (up to 3 startups, 2 expert coaches)

12:20 PST | Pitch and presentations with peer Q&A and feedback

1:20 PST | Wrap Up


During this Pitch Mastermind, you will be given 15 dedicated minutes to pitch and receive feedback. You will have:

  • Up to 5 minutes to deliver your pitch to your peers + Volition Pitch Coaches
  • Up to 5 minutes of peer Q&A where other pitchers will be invited to ask you clarifying questions, much like you would experience in a competition or investor forum.
  • Remaining time: Paul and Melanie provide strategic feedback on your pitch structure, design, and delivery, to set you up for success for future pitches.



  • Dedicated time and space to hone your pitch in a friendly, relaxing environment
  • Small-group event where you can connect with other entrepreneurs from the global startup ecosystem
  • Feedback from two of Volition’s pitch coaches, focusing on different aspects of the pitch
  • Leave feeling confident and pitch ready


What past participants are saying:

"In this closed door pitch event you will get complete feedback on your pitch. Not just tips, they will grasp your story immediately and spell out the right way to do it for you. Couldn't be more valuable! "


“Did it meet my expectations? It met more than I expected. I gained really great feedback and met some incredible people!”


"I got to practice my pitch and got very good feedback. It was very valuable to get feedback from 2 people on different aspects of the pitch--they really complement each other. I actually heard Paul spelling out my pitch the way I should do it: the right order, the right words, the right tone of voice. And on top of the pitch feedback, you also get general startup advice."


THIS EVENT IS FOR founders and startup who are:

  • Building a 3-5 minute startup pitch for a competition, demo day, forum, or investor conversation
  • Looking for strategic, expert feedback and practice delivering your pitch
  • Practicing answering questions about their pitch/company


THIS EVENT IS NOT FOR...freelancers/entrepreneurs developing their elevator pitch (<90 seconds) or sales pitch.

If this is you, feel free to reach out to isabel@volitionadvisors and we can talk about other options!

20 Jan 2021
12:00pm - 1:30pm PST

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