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VANTEC 7 October 2020

Company Presentations

INVESTOR DECKS  & PITCH VIDEOS (VANTEC members only, must be logged in to view)

INVESTOR PACKAGES on GUST include the presentation decks and more details on the team and financials.

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Featuring short 90-second pitches from local entrepreneurs – some of whose promising ventures are backed by local accelerators and incubators.


A G E N D A 


NETWORKING (3.30pm to 4.00pm)

We will have random breakout rooms to connect with investors and founders and a dedicated breakout room for new and aspiring angel investors to learn more about the VANTEC Network and its affiliated angel funds.



Global Angel Group TiE opens doors in Vancouver with their first Demo Day, and offers opportunity for BC founders to pitch global investors.  Apply at

Contact: Maninder Dhaliwal | 


TLS Financial Services Our strategies enhance, protect and tax shelter the financial security you have achieved either personally or as a business owner.

Contact: John Shelling | | 1-800-665-7707


Connectivity Alliance Capital Corp. exciting vertical tech-market acquisition/ consolidation of key independent wireless operators within the US rural markets using a ‘Capital-Pool-Company’(CPC) model.

Contact: Joel Burke | | 778-968-1724


Catax works with Canadian businesses recovering up to 41% of expenses associated with product, software and facility innovation & development. We do this through government incentive programs in tax legislation. Our proposition is simple: If we cannot recover any money through these programs, we won’t charge you anything.

Contact: Dawson Drolet | | 604-732-7777 |


WUTIF Capital (VCC) is an angel fund that co-invests with angel investors in promising new technology ventures in British Columbia. WUTIF was formed in mid-2003 and made its first investments in late 2004. To date, over $10 million has been invested in over 100 companies.

Contact: Mike Volker | mike[at] | (604) 644-1926 |


eFund (VCC)  was founded with the goal to achieve consistently higher returns and more exits from angel investments. Since 2011, the fund made 47 investments in 32 BC-based companies. eFund launched its 5th fund. eFund  4 invested in 15 companies open until October 31. Your investment in eFund qualifies for the 30% BC tax credit and can also be made via your RRSP or TFSA. You must be an accredited investor to invest.

Contact: Thealzel Lee | |


VANTEC Start Up Visa (SUV) Pitch Perfect program will ensure alignment of the SUV candidate with investor and IRCC requirements.

Contact: James Rutherford | | 604-559-4964



Nutrition Capital Network - NPC Investor Meeting Wed-Thu, Oct 14-15 Online

LifeSciences BC Investor Summit Mon-Tue, Nov 2-3 Online

VANTEC's 4th Agrifood Tech Investor Forum Wed, Nov 4 Online 


Momentum Technology Startup Pitch Competition Applications until Oct 10

LifeSciences BC Investor Readiness Program for SMEs Applications until Oct 14

Fireside Chat with Grant Lawrence Thu, Oct 15 Online

Modern Ways of Education with New Forms of Capital Thu, Oct 15 Online

Social Venture Institute's 25th Anniversary Tue-Fri, Oct 13-16 Online

Interface Health Summit Mon-Tue, Oct 19-20 Online

Term Sheet Workshop Thu, Oct 22 Online

20th Annual New Ventures BC Competition Awards Thu, Nov 19 Online



If you wish to make a Presentation, please complete and submit the  Application form.


Bitelectron | Medical Devices and Equipment | Gust | Bitmed-VR relieves anxiety and stress by brain wave modification. | VIDEO

Nano-Dust Monitoring | Software | Gust | Internet of Things-enabled Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform (IBIMP) | VIDEO

BuildApp Systems Corp. | Construction | Gust | BuildApp is a cross-platform application for Construction Projects, that combines the use of hardware and software along with blueprints for safety optimization. | VIDEO

UniHROM Employment Verification Systems Inc. | Business Services | Gust | Unique digital application platform, dedicated to helping the HR world speak the same language about people’s knowledge, skills, and professional experiences. | VIDEO

E-Pick Design Solutions Inc. | Consumer Products | Gust | Immersive interactive ergonomic design solutions for residential kitchens and commercial shops. | VIDEO

R3Rewards Management Corporation | Consumer Services | Gust | Reverse vending machines in public places to allow people to deposit recyclables and receive Reward Points in return. | VIDEO

Vivo.Health | Biotechnology | Gust | Rapid Covid Testing – to return to normal life. Our focus is on low cost, serial testing to enable safe return to school & work.  | VIDEO

Darwin Labs Inc. | Software | Gust | Darwin Labs is a digital innovation foundry focusing on the burgeoning enterprise health management (EHM) space. | VIDEO

QMOS Software Inc. | Software | Gust | Cloud-based quality management system to support assurance of ISO framework compliance. | VIDEO

JVPLabs (JRAS Medical Inc) | Medical Devices and Equipment | Gust | Non-invasive remote monitoring for heart failure patients and cutting 30 day hospital readmission rates in half. | VIDEO

Amphoraxe Lifesciences Inc. | Agtech/Biotech | Gust | We develop alternatives to conventional antibiotics to replace ineffective or restricted drugs. Our beachhead market is poultry farming applications. | VIDEO



Qase | Legal | Gust | SaaS-enabled managed marketplace that helps people find and work with lawyers entirely online to solve everyday legal problems. | VIDEO

Ecologyst | Consumer Products | Gust | Ecologyst is an outdoor clothing and media company. | VIDEO

Flashana Technologies Inc. | Software | Gust | Flashana delivers predictive analytics solutions for retail enterprises, who need to understand the demand chain of their customers.  | VIDEO

Solar Earth Technologies | Clean Technology | Gust | We manufacture the world's leading solar road technology. Smart, connected solar surfaces that provide scale-up for renewable energy production | VIDEO


NETWORKING (5.30pm to 6.30pm)


Time for conversations with entrepreneurs, fellow investors and accelerators.   



The company presentations and investor packages, including more details on the team, financials and other documents are available to VANTEC members on the Gust platform. Email us at if you have any questions.