VANTEC Community Partners

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We  connect investors to vetted investment opportunities in promising BC-based technology companies. We partner with the listed organizations below and many others that support the early stage investment community.


Simply send us an email to start a conversation.



We work with partners in a few different ways and are always open to exploring ideas how we can help our BC technology community grow.

  • You may present your event at our monthly meeting and in our newsletter free of charge.
  • You may offer preferred rates or deals to VANTEC members, entrepreneurs and newsletter subscribers.
  • We can promote your event on social media.
  • We can introduce you to an expert speaker from our network of investors and entrepreneurs.
  • We can co-host an event, pitch session, or workshop.


Sponsors & Supporters

We thank our sponsors and supporters for their generous contribution and support.


Sponsors contribute an important share of the funds required to cover the costs of organizing VANTEC meetings. Our sponsors play a key role in growing and supporting the community of angel investors and early stage startup entrepreneurs. We are always interested to explore new sponsorship opportunities and will work with you to create value from your investment in us and the local early stage investment community.




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