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VANTEC Community Partners

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We  connect investors to vetted investment opportunities in promising BC-based technology companies. We partner with the listed organizations below and many others that support the early stage investment community.


Simply send us an email to start a conversation.



We work with partners in a few different ways and are always open to exploring ideas how we can help our BC technology community grow.

  • You may present your event at our monthly meeting and in our newsletter free of charge.
  • You may offer preferred rates or deals to VANTEC members, entrepreneurs and newsletter subscribers.
  • We can promote your event on social media.
  • We can introduce you to an expert speaker from our network of investors and entrepreneurs.
  • We can co-host an event, pitch session, or workshop.



We thank our partners for their generous contribution and support.  


Fasken provides emerging tech companies with end-to-end strategic legal advice and representation at every stage of a company’s growth, helping to leverage their limited resources. We work with start-up companies and early stage entrepreneurs as well as angel investors, venture capital, private equity and public venture capital firms. Our lawyers go beyond great results, focusing on their clients' goals and the long-term success of their business..    

Website: | Phone: (604) 631-4880

OKR is a Canadian specialized private debt fund that offers non-dilutive financing for SME’s using their federal and provincial R&D grants and tax credits as collateral. The issue faced by a growing number of growing companies in Canada is the face that there is generally a 3-4-month time lag between being approved/applying for grants and actually receiving funds from the government program.

We offer short term bridge financing solutions that allow these companies to advance cash against these government receivables and then pay off their loan facilities when funds are received.

Website: | Email: | Phone: (778) 995-5333

SFU VentureLabs scales-up world-class technology companies by ‘powering up’ ventures with amazing talent, technologies, entrepreneurial and research expertise, access to funding, government assistance programs and international expansion opportunities.

Website: | Email: | 
Phone: (604) 729-4747

Tandem Innovation Group supports entrepreneurs to innovate and grow from startup to exit. For startups looking to raise money from angel investors, Tandem will translate your business objectives into investor-ready documents. We provide startups with assistance in getting their due diligence/data room setup and ready for investor-review. First understand your funding options, then get support in navigating and attaining the capital you need to grow. Launch, growth, IPO/RTO, succession and acquisition. Find out how we can help you!

Website: | Phone: (604) 241-8400

Western Pacific Trust Company is a BC based boutique trust company, focused on private investments.  We help founders of early stage companies raise capital, by making their offering more attractive to their prospective investors.   Unlike banks and brokerage houses WPTC accepts eligible private investments into our RRSPs and TFSAs, enabling investors to diversify their registered plan portfolios and shelter any growth earned.  As well as the tax benefits of a registered plan, a refund on a new RRSP contribution, especially if coupled with EBC tax credits, can de-risk the investment by up to 80%, making a compelling case for the prospective investor. Our knowledgeable and responsive team works closely with founders and their investors to guide them through the process. 

Contact us to learn how we can help.

Website: | 
Email: | Phone: (604) 683-0455 


Inwest Ventures is a Vancouver based start-Up business cultivator and VANTEC Angel Network member. Our focus is on International Entrepreneurs and Newcomers with unique business concepts to cultivate their ideas and to integrate them with our well-resourced, interconnected ecosystem that enables them to succeed.

We invest in people first, partnering with the best of the best, connecting their ideas and placing them in a frictionless environment of innovative business builders and proven resources as a springboard into the North American market.

We invest mostly in Pre-Seed companies with a focus on the future of emerging technologies, cutting edge media, health and wellness, and Fintech.    

Website: | Email: | Phone: (778) 858-2

GO Recruitment provides strategic recruitment and HR advisory services to entrepreneurs leading technology companies. From start-ups to mature organizations, our professionals know that identifying, attracting, and securing like-minded people to join your company is a critical priority. Lean on our years of lessons-learned and successful exits so that you can minimize potential mistakes and maximize the opportunities in front of you. We look forward to becoming an important part of your team as you scale-up into becoming a world-class company based here in BC.    

Website: | Email: | Phone: 778-869-9268 

Raymond James Ltd.  offers a wide range of services for individual and institutional clients and corporate issuers. Their Advisors have access to a complete offering of high-quality investment products and services, providing them with the resources to customize investment solutions for their clients. Their Equity Capital Markets division provides expertise in Investment Banking, Research, Corporate Finance, and Institutional Sales & Trading.    

Website:| Email: | Phone: 604-659-8000 




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Angel Investment Community Partners

National Angel Capital Organisation is a Canadian organisation at the forefront of professionalising and accelerating the growth of angel capital and support for early-stage companies in Canada. We provide research, industry events, professional development, and programs to support the success and longevity of the angel community. 

By supporting early-stage organizations and value-added angels when traditional financial and other institutions cannot, we support startups to compete and execute on the global stage.

Website: | 

Angel Capital Association is a North American professional association of 14,000+ active accredited investors that lends access to trending ideas and professional knowledge to improve returns and promote effective public policies for angels and startups.

We do not provide funding, but we provide entrepreneurs with an inside view as to how angels think through easy-to-access virtual workshops. Simply reach out to us through our website to get started.


eFund is an angel investment group that leverages its collaborative community to conduct active deal screens, due diligence, and deep investor domain expertise to consistently provide high returns and more exits from angel investments. Investments are packaged in diversified fund cohorts to generate a better spread of exits over time.

We focus on the underserved market of de-risked, product ready opportunities which are between investments from their personal circles and private equity venture capital investments. This timing and our due diligence and screening processes reduce risk and shortens time to exit, resulting in high velocity of capital invested.

We invest in companies who have pitched at other pitch venues such as VANTEC Angel network, Angel Forum, and other pitch venues and reach out to the founders of companies of interest.

Website: | 

FrontFundr is a Toronto based group that empowers all Canadians of all levels of investment experience to invest in private companies while giving entrepreneurs access to funding needed for growth. We leverage features such as a campaign dashboard, a campaign coach, legal and offering support services, and governance and compliance advice to ensure that the process of raising capital is as simple for you as possible.

We generally work with companies that are past their ideation phase; all companies will go through a due diligence screening process and will submit a business plan and investor pitch deck. You can reach out to us through our website or our email below.

Website: | Email: support@frontfundr.comPhone: 1-800-804-1524 

Kereitsu Forum PNW is part of the largest global investment network of over 50 chapters and 2500 accredited private equity investors, venture capitalists, and institutional investors. We target high-quality, diverse investment opportunities. Our focus is on great association and quality deal flow. 

At each of our meetings, presenting entrepreneurs have exposure to 100+ potential investors, resources, customers, board members advisors, referrals, and feedback. Our collaborative business and social relationships between each chapters allows for deal flow to through local chapters and our international networks.

Our simple, highly-structure process ensures that the best companies have the best opportunities to raise capital. We invite you to speak with us directly to get a better understanding of our processes.

Website: | Email: | Phone: (206) 529-3687

TIMIA Capital is a specialty finance company that provides growth capital to B2B technology companies in exchange for monthly revenue. As such, investors can expect to be exposing themselves to an high-quality companies in an active market with high yield interest income.

We aim to complement debt and equity financing while allowing existing stakeholders to retain ownership and control of their business. Our revenue-based financing model ties payments to monthly revenue until capital and a multiple are repaid. 

We aim to serve companies in the US or Canada generating over $120 K MRR and with a proven product-market fit. We deliver capital in a month, and we would be happy to hear from you through our email.

Website: | Email: info@timiacapital.comPhone: (604) 398-8839 

WUTIF, or Western Universities Technology Innovation Fund, co-invests with angel investors in promising British Columbian technology ventures. We give investors the opportunity to contribute to the BC economy, and target very early stage companies.

In order for WUTIF to invest in your business, your company must satisfy our preliminary screening criteria, negotiate terms and conditions, and complete a technical and business review. You can find out more about our screening criteria on our website below.

Website: | Email: | Phone: (604) 644-1926 


Partners Supporting Startup Entrepreneurs

Foresight is Western Canada's core technology innovation centre for cleantech. We support industries such as transportation, natural resources, built environments, energy, industrial efficiency, and agri-food. Impact investors  looking to partner with technology companies looking to address cimate change while meeting business directives are welcome to connect with our companies.

Participants in our programs benefit from mentorship, educational programs, investor introduction opportunities, and networking events. Since 2013, we have generated $50 M in revenue and deployed over $150 M in capital. We help startups at different stages with our three programs - Launch, Deliver, and Grow. Launch helps early stage startups plan to complete in emerging markets, while Deliver helps facilitate technology development and Grow propels your company through the scaling phase of your startup.


Website: | Email: info@foresightcac.comPhone:  (604) 245-0042

The Innovation and Skills Plan, put into place by the Government of Canada in 2017, aims to support Canada's entrepreneurs by increasing business investment into research and development, providing faster access to global top-level talent, supporting small businesses interested in having the federal government as an early adopter of innovations, and many more means. 

These results are manifested through programs such as the Strategic Innovation Fund, the Innovation Superclusters Initiative, and the Global Skills Strategy. In addition, the federal government is also investing in venture capital funding for high-growth firms. 


Volition works with entrepreneurs of all stages to identify gaps and to bring focus and alignment to their businesses. Beyond our regular pitch events, we work to increase the visibility of your startup, to uncover new opportunities for your business, and to expose your team to high-level networks and partnerships. Beyond these exposures, we ensure that you have the appropriate assets and plans in place to approach investors and clients.

Website: | Email: | Phone: (778) 322-4864


Rockey Builders is a management consulting firm that focuses on helping businesses capitalise on market opportunities. With our 20 year history of engagement in market research, market planning, marketing campaigns, business development initiatives, and more, we aim to help your technology company rise the occasion as effectively as possible.

We focus on planning and executing revenue growth, reducing risk and improving outcomes for key milestones, and strategic planning for investments or exits.

Website:  | Phone: (604) 484-9491


New Ventures BC is a BC-focused group that supports early stage tech startups. Among its programs are the annual New Ventures BC Competition, a Distance Venture Acceleration Program, and the ISI grant program. Through these programs, 2530 startups have been supported and over $335 million has been raised in financing. 

Website: | | Phone: (604) 602-5202


entrepreneurship@UBC supports UBC-related startups with at least one founder who is a UBC student, faculty, staff, or recent alumna/alumnus. We provide several tailored venture incubators that are fit specifically for scientific innovations, software technologies, or social issues.

Beyond the validation and product-market fit generated by the incubators, the HATCH Accelerator program we offer helps your startup build out the key pieces in your startup including recruiting your board of directors, completing the due-diligence process, and perfecting your business model.

Website: | Email: 

Spring is a global incubator, accelerator, and advisory firm that helps impact entrepreneurs and investors thrive. In addition, we identify ways in which we can further develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem to increase collaboration and to develop programs that work in your communities. 

Specifically to entrepreneurs, we provide direct teaching, training, and mentorship. In addition, we run programs such as the Impact Startup Visa Accelerator, the Impact Investor Challenge, the Emerging Impact Investor Program, and the Business Resilience program.

Website: | Email: