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Introducing Entrepreneurs to Angel Investors

VANTEC is a community of BC Angel investors. Since 1999 we have presented more than 1,600 entrepreneurs to angel investors. 

We announce investor pitches in our angel investing newsletter, on our website and on the  Gust equity funding platform for start-ups and accredited angel investors. We get together every first Tuesday of the month in Vancouver to watch more than a dozen startups pitch. Based on your pitch and their interest in your investment opportunity, investors will decide if they want to learn more and approach you at the end of the session with questions or to make an appointment for a follow-up meeting.


We recommend you use your time at VANTEC Angel Network Meeting to connect with investors, build relationships, get feedback, and ask for referrals. Other people in the room include experienced business advisors and representatives from organizations that support early stage businesses. They are also able to provide advice and referrals to help your startup.


Individual angel investors typically make an initial investment of $25,000 to $50,000 and increase their investment in subsequent rounds if your business meets agreed milestones, makes the anticipated progress, and increases in valuation. While angels invest to make money, we genuinely enjoy the opportunity to support promising entrepreneurs.


See our events calendar for our monthly VANTEC Angel Network Meetings and VANTEC Pitch Circuit sessions.


Pitching at VANTEC

At VANTEC we give you more than one chance to present your investment opportunity to investors. Start with a peer reviewed VANTEC Pitch Circuit, move on to a Preview Presentation at VANTEC Angel Network Meeting, then a Full Presentation in a next Meeting, and return for an Update Presentation when you've hit some key milestones.  There is a $75 CAD per company pitch at a meeting of the VANTEC Angel Network.


Apply to Pitch


VANTEC Pitch Circuit

The VANTEC Pitch Circuit is a monthly pitch practice forum for startup companies in BC.  Give your 90 second pitch in front of an expert panel and get valuable feedback. The top three companies as selected by the audience earn an opportunity to give a Preview Presentation at the next VANTEC Angel Network Meeting.


To apply to pitch, please create your Gust profile. VANTEC uses Gust to confidentially share deal information with its investor members. Your Gust application will give VANTEC members access to information about your company. You can also make this information available to other angel groups and funds.

Presenting companies must agree to provide feedback (if asked by the organizers) on angel capital raised by them.


VANTEC Preview Presentation

If you are nominated by a VANTEC member or through Pitch Circuit and if you have completed your application to pitch on Gust then you are given a 90 second preview presentation at the VANTEC Angel Network Meeting. We strongly recommend that you practice at the VANTEC Pitch Circuit to polish your pitch beforehand and increase your chance for investor interest.

At the VANTEC Angel Network Meeting, the audience votes for top 3 Preview companies to undergo the Pre-Screening process for the opportunity to give a full 5 minute presentation. If you are not selected for the Pre-Screening, you are recommended to go back to the VANTEC Pitch Circuit to hone your presentation and try again at future VANTEC Angel Network meetings.


VANTEC Pre-Screening

Companies who are selected by the audience at a VANTEC Angel Network will be invited to present in front of a small group of panelists from VANTEC member angel investors and sponsors. The panelists will provide feedback on your proposed 5 minute presentation as well on your business model during this 30 - 35 minute prescreening session.

The Panel will be selecting a maximum of 4 companies to go forward with Full Presentations to the next VANTEC Angel Network meeting. If you are not selected, you will be advised of alternatives.


VANTEC Full Presentation

Companies who are nominated by the Pre-Screening Panel will give a 5 minute Full Presentation at the VANTEC Angel Network Meeting, followed by 5 minutes Q&A and 5 minutes feedback to the Angel Sponsor.

VANTEC will also introduce you to other angel investor groups in the Lower Mainland after the event.

YOU MUST HAVE A SPONSOR PRIOR TO THE MEETING TO SECURE YOUR FULL PRESENTATION SPOT. An Angel Sponsor is someone who has invested time and/or money (preferably both!) in your venture. Your Angel Sponsor does not need to be a VANTEC member.


VANTEC Update Presentation

You've presented before, you want to let our community know about your recent achievements and progress and/or raise more funds for your next stage. We look forward to your 90 second Update Presentation at VANTEC Angel Network.

Email us to request an Update Pitch and update the information on your Gust Profile, and we'll get back to you with a date.


Investor Pitch Guidelines and Tips

Giving a great investor pitch takes practice. we recommend you use the Pitch Circuit to hone your skills and here are a few Pitch Tips.


Apply to Pitch

Testimonials from Entrepreneurs

We received $1.5M in seed funding as a result of a 90 Second Pitch at VANTEC.

We did the pitch, worked the room heavily afterwards, followed up ruthlessly, and it was as easy as that!

Karl Pringle, CEO of  GenXys Health Care Systems



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