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Investor Pitch Deck Tips for Startups

Presenting to VANTEC Angel Investors

When you get invited, you will be given a date and time for making a pitch. All pitches - whether Previews, Full Presentations or Updates - must be made in person.

Companies that hone their pitch at Pitch Practice sessions and who use accelerators or lean on angel investors to get feedback on the clarity of their pitch and business model do better in follow-on conversations with prospective investors.


Preview Presentation Tips


Pitch Suggestions

When making a 90-second Preview Pitch, limit your pitch to no more than 2 or 3 points. Avoid technical and financial details.




Make sure you mention WHAT you are looking for (mentor, advisor, investor, etc) from this audience to help you prepare for a full presentation.

Keep it SHORT and SIMPLE!!! You are only trying to get some initial interest from angels at this point after which you can have more in-depth meetings and discussions with interested parties.


Pitch Slide Suggestions
We will project the slide (in PDF Format) directly from your Gust profile, preferably under 10MB for easy mobile download and viewing. no USB keys please.

If you provide a single slide it should include:

  • Your corporate logo
  • The product or better, the product being used by a customer
  • Your ask
  • Your name, email, phone, website

Use no more that 5 single line bullets on your slide

There's a $95 fee to present/attend so if you are not ready, feel free to polish your pitch and your business till you are investment ready! 


Full Presentation Tips

Stick to just a few key points. Don’t go into a lot of detail. Pretend that you are a reporter and you only have a few minutes to tell your story. Avoid jargon and buzzwords. Don’t be product or technology centric. Focus on the investment opportunity.

An ideal presentation consists of no more than 5 to 6 slides allowing no more than 1 minute per slide. Just be sure to cover the main points. For example:

  • What’s The Opportunity?
  • How will YOU make money?
  • Why YOU (and your team)?
  • What’s your competitive advantage?
  • What’s your proposed “deal” for angel investors?


Presentation slide decks should be uploaded to the Gust website 3 days before the presentation date.

Presentation Follow-Up Tips

After your presentation, network with the investors in the room and work with your Angel sponsor to obtain feedback, interest level from attendees, etc.

If Angel Investors in the room completed a score sheet we will make that available to you after the meeting.