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Vancouver Startup Week 2018 - Five Ways to Invest In Startups

24 Sep 2018
3:00pm - 5:30pm PDT

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VSW Pass holders can attend for free on a first come first served basis at the event.  This event is over subscribed.  If you want to guarantee your seat, consider buying a ticket. This event can change your life and that of others.


Five Ways to Invest in Startups

Learn about seed stage investing and investment opportunities in local startups. Hear from angel investors, investor groups, impact investors and funds who invest in our local entrepreneurs.  Find out why they invest, how they find and vet the companies they want to invest in, how they support entrepreneurs after they invest, and what investment returns and impact they aim for.

This is a great way to meet investors from all local investor groups at one event and see what best fits your investment goals and possibilities.


Want to learn more about Angel Investing?

Email us for a personal invitation (Accredited Investors only)

Depending on interest from new investors we are considering to organize a separate workshop on Angel Investing.



Welcome & Introductions 3.00pm


Raising Capital, from Startup to Scaleup and Exit

The investor journey from the first investment Founders, Friends & Family to a Seed Round and Series A. Find out what needs to happen to make it to a successful Exit.

Panel Discussion

Jason Smith, CEO at Klue .... read more

Jeff Sinclair, CEO and Co-founder at Eventbase .... read more

Ed Quilty, Founder, President and CEO at Aquatic Informatics .... read more

Moderator:  Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders


Investing with Impact

Impact investors use a number of different lenses to select the causes and ventures that they want to invest in. Learn more about how they find, screen and support the companies they invest in.

Panel Discussion

Luke Krueger, Co-founder and President at Valhalla Private Capital

Brenda Irwin, Managing Partner at  Relentless Pursuit Partners

Keith Ippel, Co-Founder and CEO at  Spring Activator

Moderator: Richard Muller, COO at Toniic Impact Investors


Five Ways to Invest in Local Startups

Crowd Funding, Investor Groups, Angel Networks, Angel Funds and Venture Debt. How are they different. Find out the best choice(s) for you.

Panel Discussion 

Jaime McNally, Manager Due Diligence at  FrontFundr

Mike Walkinshaw, CEO at TIMIA Capital Corporation.

Frank Leffelaar, Angel Investor and Due Diligence Team Member at  E-Fund

Moderator:  Thealzel Lee,  Founder and President at E-Fund


Meet the Local Seed Stage Groups and Funds 5.00 - 5.30pm

Learn more about the group or fund of your interest in informal roundtable conversations.

Participating groups and funds include: FrontFundr, VANTEC, E-Fund, WUTIF, Aria, Relentless, Active Impact, TIMIA and more to be announced.


Angel Groups

VANTEC Angel Network's mission to help grow the community of angel investors and investments made in BC. We host monthly investment meetings where 10-15 startups pitch their venture and have a chance to connect with local angel investors.

Talk to: Email


Angel / Seed Stage Funds

FrontFundr is a fintech company that enables entrepreneurs to raise capital from all Canadians. Investing in private companies has previously been limited to angel investors and venture capitalists, but after recent rule changes, private investing is now open to a wider spectrum of investors. Canadians can now invest online through equity crowdfunding platform FrontFundr alongside seasoned investors, while directly contributing to innovation and sharing in the growth of companies they believe in.

Talk to Jaime McNally or Jasper Dikmans

E-Fund was founded by entrepreneurs and angel investors to achieve consistently higher returns and more exits from angel investments. By investing via teams, we are able to do better due diligence, leverage the domain expertise of our investors and provide post investment advice to our portfolio companies.

Accredited Investors invest in a portfolio of 10-15 BC seed stage companies and can participate in deal screening and due-diligence. Investors receive a 30% VCC tax credit. 

Talk to: Thealzel Lee or Frank Leffelaar Web: E-Fund Email:


WUTIF Capital VCC is an angel fund that co-invests with angel investors in promising new technology ventures in British Columbia.

Talk to Mike Volker  Web: WUTIF Capital  Email:


Aria Capital is involved in helping innovative startups reach their full potential. Our investment in your business is more than just financial. When we commit to working with a partner, we become partners and lend our full support behind their efforts to move their company forward. As a registered BC VCC, our investors are eligible to receive a 30% tax credit.

Talk to Vincent Farah Web: Aria Capital Email:


Toniic is the global action community for impact investors. Our vision is a global financial ecosystem which operates to create positive social and environmental impact. Our mission is to empower impact investors.

Talk to Richard Muller Web: Toniic  Email: 


Active Impact Investments We insist on only helping purpose-driven businesses, that doesn't mean we have anything against making large profits. We provide opportunities for you to buy and earn equity in companies that you will feel proud to discuss with your family and friends.

Talk to Mike Winterfield  Web: Active Impact Investments Email:

The Relentless Venture Fund is a mission based, early stage venture capital fund dedicated to investing in preventative health and proactive technology solutions that optimize health, activity and longevity. Relentless is committed to the development of technologies, products and services that both enhance and promote an individual’s ability to maintain physical and mental well-being over an entire lifetime. 

Talk to Brenda Irwin  Web: Relentless Venture Fund Email:


TIMIA Capital is a specialty finance company that provides revenue financing to technology companies in exchange for a royalty stream on revenue. The alternative financing option complements both debt and equity financing, while allowing entrepreneurs to retain control of their business. TIMIA’s target market is the fast-growing growing business-to-business software-as-a-service (SaaS) segment.

Talk to Mike Walkinshaw  Web: TIMIA Capital Email:


Seed Funds that could not join us

Pique Ventures  enables a diverse community of investors to pursue integrated investing. Whether as an investor in Pique Fund, through Pique Ventures' services, or through the practice of Integrated Investing, we help people invest to help create a better world.

Talk to: Bonnie Foley Wong (Not attending), Email


Keiretsu Forum - Vancouver Chapter  Our members possess and share diverse industry expertise, from software, telecommunications and life sciences to retail and information technology.  Our goal is to fund great companies.

Talk to: Mike Volker


Wrap-Up 5.30pm



Email us at to discuss sponsoring opportunities.


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VANTEC Angel Network


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SFU Venture Labs

Vancouver Startup Week


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24 Sep 2018
3:00pm - 5:30pm PDT

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