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VANTEC Start Up Visa (SUV) Pitch Perfect Previews

07 Jul 2022
9:00am - 10:00am PDT

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The VANTEC SUV Pitch Perfect Review Process aims to ensure that the investor's activities and those of the SUV applicant are aligned with industry standards and IRCC Standards.  More information HERE

To participate in this program, please complete the Gust application and email with the name of your company.


Networking 9:00am


Community Announcements 9:15am


SUV 90-second Previews 9:20am


Abroadin | Education  | Gust | Abroadin reduce the difficulty of immigration to just packing a suitcase with personalized and innovative solutions.

I-Kpi Solutions Inc. | Business Services  | Gust |  I-KPI is a data-driven platform that focuses on innovative key performance indicators to provide business insights, and assist in improving company operations

Classfin Ultimate Guide Inc. | Education  | Gust |  CLASSFIN  creates 1st class e-learning programs offering a wide coverage of modern topics in economics & finance to improve financial literacy in Canada

Virtuasso Digital Technologies Corp. | Software  | Gust | Virtuasso is an easy-to-use Mobile Application that helps individuals and businesses organize their lives, achieve professional success and improve wellbeing.

Kenko Wellness Corp. | Lifestyle  | Gust | Kenko helps health-cautious customers to improve their wellness, by building good eating habits, preventing illnesses, and thereby increasing life expectancy.

Actino | Biotechnology  | Gust | ACTINO is an innovative and sustainable bacterial supplement for mushroom that cuts COGS by 25%, eliminates contamination risk, improves crop yield by 15%.

Gastro Guide | Healthcare Services  | Gust | Enabling diagnosis of gastric and clonic diseases earlier and in a non-invasive manner

Evergreen Hydrogen Inc | Clean Technology  | Gust | EverGreen solves the problem of expensive H2 extraction by using sunlight & using photons to split hydrogen and oxygen from water.

Detectfresh Technologies Inc. | Food and Beverage  | Gust | DetectFresh is releasing an app that helps consumers become more informed about their grocery trips in order to reduce food waste.


Networking until 10:00am





NOTE: In our effort to share the pitches and presentations beyond our venue for a bigger impact we will record some of our events and make them available online.

By attending this event, you consent to the use of photography/video/audio in all forms of media, for any and all promotional purposes including advertising, display, audiovisual, exhibition or editorial use by VANTEC Angel Network without payment or other compensation."

07 Jul 2022
9:00am - 10:00am PDT

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