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Partnership Announcements - Volition and Sales Primer

Partnership Announcements - Volition and Sales Primer
22 Sep 2023 by Ashima Gupta

We are thrilled to share that VANTEC has formed strategic partnerships with Sales Primer and Volition. We warmly welcome Colin McWhinnie and Chris Stairs from Sales Primer, as well as Paul Brassard and his team from Volition, to our community. These partnerships aim to contribute to the investor-readiness of companies that present at VANTEC in two key areas. 


Founder Support: VANTEC constantly seeks new ways to support founders in presenting their innovation in a way that investors will find compelling. Our collaboration with Sales Primer and Volition aims to equip founders with the tools and expertise to craft investor-ready pitches, ensuring their ideas capture investor's attention and confidence. 


Elevating Investor Experiences: These synergistic partnerships will also play a pivotal role in delivering on our commitment to provide our esteemed member investors with high-quality deal flows and the most promising startups. 


Synergy with Volition

Volition offers personalized advisory services and educational programs to help startups rise and thrive. They provide founders with the resources, support, and expertise they need to succeed and become investment-ready. Through our partnership with Volition, we can help presenting companies improve their investment readiness and align their strategies with investor expectations by leveraging Volition's extensive experience in pitch coaching and preliminary due diligence. Our collaboration will include dynamic Pitch Roundtables and Follow-on 1:1 Coaching to provide tailored guidance to founders. By improving the quality of their pitches and presentations, founders can build confidence with investors when pitching at VANTEC monthly meetings and increase their chances of attracting investment.


Paul Brassard, Managing Partner of Volition, says, "Through this partnership, we are dedicated to equipping startups with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to succeed in today's competitive fundraising landscape while increasing investor confidence and thus interest in investing in the companies presenting." 



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Synergy with Sales Primer

With years of experience designing successful revenue strategies, the Sales Primer™ program and its accompanying application can assist business founders and sales leaders in creating a dependable and consistent sales engine that will attract customers and quickly generate revenue. It provides a variety of tools and insights to help businesses develop repeatable sales processes and scalable traction, as well as training and support to achieve these goals. As a VANTEC partner, Sales Primer will assist founders in both ensuring they have a repeatable and scalable sales engine, and  communicating their sales traction to potential investors. 


 Chris Stairs, Managing Partner, Sales Primer, expresses, "Helping Founders understand what it takes to achieve repeatable sales and scalable traction is our passion. We're especially pleased to have VANTEC Angel Network approach us to provide our Sales Primer "Sales-Readiness" content for their participating Founders. It's great to be recognized as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs in the BC market. "




We are fully committed to showcasing the most promising startups. Our partnership with Sales Primer and Volition will help us to elevate your investing experience with more investment ready pitches.