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Preparing for an Exit

Preparing for an Exit
26 Mar 2018 by Info Vantec

Technology companies can be started, grown and exited faster than ever. The market for selling companies has never been stronger. Your chances for a successful exit multiply if you put the pieces in place early. Planning your exit can start as soon as you found the company, and before you talk to investors, and it should be a regularly reviewed activity after you've taken your first seed round.


Many of the things that help you to be prepared for an exit will also help you to fill your round, so it pays to be prepared early. 


We have created a short Exit Preparedness Self Assessment to give you a sense for what prospective investors are looking for. Being prepared will help you to dedicate more time on the exit opportunity and stay on top of the day to day business rather than scramble to collect the requested information


In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to build alignment of all stakeholders around your exit strategy
  • How to prepare your business and your team for an exit
  • What information to prepare for your digital data room and how to manage it
  • How to be ready for due diligence and minimize distraction of your core team


Join David Rowat, Basil Peters and a panel of experienced investors, exited entrepreneurs and advisors from 3-6 PM on April 19 , 2018